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Union Web Design for Union Firefighters!

Application Rules

Members requesting user accounts should note the following;

1) I do not require valid SIN (SSN) just use any 4 digits,

2) Please do not fill in start or retire dates,

3) Fill in status or rank that best works,

4) Enter at least one character in the "address" box

5) Let others see your contact info (this is secure and will be included in the "members directory") - if you click "yes"

6) A "valid" email address will allow us to contact you with important information in a timely manner

7) Please realize we have a separate data bank, this info is just used to verify who we are giving access to the web page to,  Other than name / emp# and postal code we are not really using anything else from there at the present time.

Your information will be verified and you will be added to the member listing.


Executive Officer,

Mike Scarangella



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