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Additional Cancers added to presumptive list


Additional Cancers added to presumptive list

(Message from OPFFA President Rob Hyndman)



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Bereavement Notice - Retiree - Dave Spear


It is with deep sadness that we report to you the passing of Retiree, Dave Spear.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dave's family and friends at this most difficult time.  

Celebration of life details here 


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Various Updates to the Members

(Pay 7 Update 2)
(Revised Retroactive Payment Update 3) 
(24 hour modified)

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100th Anniversary of the IAFF

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2nd Annual Golf Mississauga Firefighter's Golf Tournament

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Saving Lives, Saving Money, Improving Emergency Care

Do you think it makes sense to continue prohibiting some certified paramedics from using their full training if they don't arrive on an ambulance? 

Neither do we.

Ontario’s Fire Fighters are asking the Ontario government to change the law so that certified paramedics who are fire fighters can respond to medical emergencies as part of a fire crew. 

Right now, a certified paramedic can only use their skills and training if they arrive in a paramedic vehicle. 

Sign our petition.

Since roughly 10% of Ontario's full-time fire fighters are fully-trained paramedics, they are not permitted to provide the same high level of care when they arrive on-scene as part of a fire crew. 
88% of Ontarians think that’s wrong and they support changing the law to fix it.

Please take a moment to sign our petition and help us convince the government to enact a change that just makes sense. 

After you’ve signed the petition, please share with your friends on social media and sign up to receive periodic emails from us. Don’t worry; if you don’t have your IAFF number handy, you can still sign up.

We’ll be sharing more information with you as we move forward on this – and other – initiatives. Make sure you sign up so you can hear about them!

Click here for information on Fire Fighter/Paramedic Legislative Changes

In Solidarity,

Ontario's Fire Fighters

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